At Pain Free Power we love all things cycling. We have created this blog to share with you our passion, knowledge and experience. We hope this will help get you thinking about your own cycling and perhaps spark some good discussion! We plan to update this monthy going forwards so keep checking back for new articles!

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Bike Fitting to get swift on Zwift!

This year has seen a large increase in indoor cycling in many countries, with lots of riders turning to E-Racing as an alternative to outdoor events cancelled due to the current global pandemic. 


Choosing the right bike (and size) for you

We want to talk about a topic that is particularly useful at this time of year with people looking to treat themselves after Christmas and offers to be had everywhere. How do you go about choosing the right bike for you?


The question of crank length

Crank length is a very hot topic in the cycling community. In this blog we will explain the pros and cons of different crank lengths; and when you may want to consider changing yours. 

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