Bike Sizing

If you're thinking about investing in a new bike, our Bike Sizing service is for you!

A Bike Sizing involves using our fitting jig to determine an optimal bike set-up. From there we can either search a database of 1000s of bikes to see which meet these specifications or we can design a bike just for you. 

Who should have a Bike Sizing?

We would recommend our Bike Sizing service to:

  • Those looking for a new bike whether that be a racer, tempo, MTB or gravel

  • Those looking to invest in a custom frame and need a geometry designing and advice regarding component choice (e.g., crank length, handlebar width)

Features of a Bike Sizing

  • We are completely impartial. We search a database of 1000s of bikes to find the best fit for you - that is our priority! 

  • Advice on component choice and bike specification if this is needed

  • You will recieve a comprehensive report after your Bike Sizing with the final position reached a list of viable bike options. 

Why should I have a Bike Sizing?

Height and inseam length are not reliable predictors of frame size. Frame sizes also differ across manufactuers. Relying on either of these factors can lead to you spending a lot of money on a bike that is the wrong size and does not work for you!

To avoid this we would recommend booking a Bike Sizing before you buy. 

Book a Bike Sizing now

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