Bike Fit Education

Cycologic Education Level 1 & 2

IBFI Accredited 

Cycologic Education Partner Network

Pain Free Power is very excited to be part of the first global education network on Bike Fitting. The initiative aims to deliver gold standard education providing course content which is at the cutting edge of scientific understanding.

Do you want to start a career in bike fitting or take your fitting to the next level? Send us an email to find out more. 

Cycologic Education courses

  • All courses are accredited by the International Bike Fitting Institute and align with their new four tier education provision
  •  The courses are delivered by experienced bike fitters
  • Each course consists of an online and in-person component
  • Taught in English

Level 2 syllabus


  • The business of bike fitting
  • An introduction to cycling biomechanics
  • Common cycling discomfort
  • Introduction to bike fitting technology


  • Bike Fit skills 2 (topics include crank length selection, physical assessment and clinical reasoning, fitting for triathlon)

Upcoming dates:

Level 1: 13th November - 15th November 2023

Level 2: 16th November - 18th November 2023

Level 1: 26th February - 28th February 2024

Level 2: 29th February - 2nd March 2024

Level 1 syllabus


  • Introduction to anatomy
  • Pre-Fit interview
  • Introductory pre-fit screening
  • Bike measurements


  • Bike Fit skills 1 (topics include postural cues of a bad fit, saddle positioning, insoles and cleat positioning)


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Course bundle

Courses are 12,500 SEK each per participant. However, to celebrate the launch of our courses we'll be offering a special price of 20,000 SEK for both levels 1 & 2 if you sign up before November 2023!