Qualisys Premium Bike Fit

Our new Qualisys Motion Capture System offers high precision 3D analysis of a cyclist's movements allowing us to provide, what we believe, to be the most accurate, comprehensive and scientifically-driven Bike Fit currently on the market!

Working with a World Record Holder!

Check out this short video of when we analysed the movement patterns of 3 time World Record holder Jonas Bohr.

How Qualisys works? 

Reflective markers are placed on both the cyclist and the bike. These reflective markers are used to generate a 3D model of the cyclist with graphical representations of the cyclist’s pelvis, hip, knee and upper body rotation, as well as the movement patterns of the knee, ankle, toe and heel. These measurements can be compared over multiple trials which allows us to actually quantify how effective the changes (e.g., saddle height, reach to the handlebars) we are making really are. The software also allows us to compare the data to normative values so we can see which areas the cyclist needs to put in further work.

What makes Qualisys different? 

  • Qualisys focuses on the biomechanics (movement patterns) of the cyclist as opposed to the dimensions and performance of the bike itself.
  • Qualisys has unrivalled accuracy in recording accuracy, with marker location being picked up to within 0.11mm in 3D space at up to 650 frames per second.
  • Qualisys tracks both sides of the body simultaneously in 3D allowing assessment of rotational movements which is very important in determining stability and efficiency.
  • Qualisys allows for a comprehensive positional assessment that can be adapted dependent upon a cyclist’s need (e.g., makers can be placed on each vertebra of the spine to look at curvature, movement).
  • Qualisys produces a comprehensive post-fit report which allows comparisons and progress to be monitored across sessions.

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