Contact point solutions

Contact points are a central focus of all our Bike Fits at Pain Free Power.

There are three contact points that are important on a bike: the saddle, the handlebars and the shoes / cleats. If one of these contact points is not dialled in correctly then the bike will not be as comfortable or as efficient as it could be. We offer solutions for all three contact points.  


Saddle choice is such an important factor to get right. However, with the many saddle options now available it can be difficult to find a saddle that works for you!

We offer a huge range of saddle solutions from Fizik, GebioMized, Infinity, SQ Labs, ISM, JCob and more. 

All our saddles are availble as demo options so you can try before you buy. 

Handlebars / Aerobars

When choosing handlebars / aerobars you may want to think about anatomy, bike handling, UCI regulations and aerodynamics. 

We have different solutions for handlebars / aerobars including Zipp, USE, Aerocoach and Profile Design. 

Aerobars, in particular, are a personal preference, dependent on you goals, and can be tested during your Bike Fit. 

Shoes / Cleats / Foot Support

Correctly fitting shoes and an appropriate choice of cleats are important for reducing injury risk and preventing discomfort on the bike. 

We have the three main cleat systems: Speedplay, Shimano and Look. We also stock Lake and Bont shoes; and Solestar, G8 and Superfeet insoles.

We stock these shoes as they offer wide fit options in a variety of different volumes and shapes. 

Send us a message to find out more or test some of our contact point solutions!