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What Our Customers Think

"Bike fit"

"All the great things you hear about PFP are true! Exceptional service and knowledge delivered with enthusiasm. If you want to get more out of your bike and yourself -> PFP is the place to go! Keep up the great work Iain and team!"

 - Nigel Grothier

Gravel Cyclist

"Highly recommended"

"I'm relatively new to road biking and this was my first bike fit. Very helpful to not only have the bike adjusted, but also to have one's strenghts and weaknesses assessed, as well as recommendations based upon that. A learning experience. Professional and friendly service, highly recommended."

 - Kalle Berggren

New Road Cyclist

"Pre-Sizing and BikeFit"

"First of all, WOW. Iain is the Jedi of BikeFits. the service is Top notch. He is very good at explaining pros with the adjustments he makes & cons with the old! Utterly utterly impressed! Cheers!"

 - Andre Egilie

Road Cyclist

The Process

A Bike Fit at Pain Free Power in Stockholm involves a 1:1 interview, a thorough biomechanical assessment, bike adjustments and a detailed post-fit report.

The goal - to  optimise the interaction between you and your bike.


Is Aero Really Everything?

Joakim Gartmark (Pro Triathlete) in collaboration with Johan from Going Long Coaching and Iain from Pain Free Power examine the impact of aerobar position on muscle oxygen saturation. Check out this video to see the trio dig deeper into the puzzle that is bike optimization.


Our new Qualisys Motion Capture System offers high precision 3D analysis of a cyclist's movements. Qualisys' accuracy is unrivalled, it tracks both sides of the body simultaneously and allows for a comprehensive positional assessment that can be adapted dependent upon an athlete's needs.