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Bike Fit and Cycling Analysis Lab


What Our Customers Think

"Great bike fit"

Went to Iain with all my bikes and revisited him a couple of times. Always looking in to the details and doesn’t leave anything unanswered. If you’re thinking of a bike fit, go to Iain!"

 - Philip Österbo


"Awesome bikefitter"

Had some issues with lowerback pain. Iain sorted this by teaching me correct posture on the bike and some minor changes to the seat angle. I have alot to be thankful from this professional guy. Who always seems to dig down and find the root to the problem, rather than leave it with alot of on your own guessing. Priceless"

 - Adriano De Matteis

Racing Cyclist

"Great service!"

After 10 years out of the saddle I made the decision to start cycling again. Iain offers a fantastic service, explaining the technicalities in a way a novice like myself can digest and understand. Top guy, top service, highly recommend!!"

 - Rob Njoku

New Cylist

The Process

A Bike Fit at Pain Free Power involves a 1:1 interview, a thorough biomechanical assessment, bike adjustments and a detailed post-fit report.

The goal - to  optimise the interaction between you and your bike.


Exciting News!

We are really proud and excited to be working with Argon18. Of course, all bikes purchased through PFP include a Bike Fit!

Argon18 are known for their ride quality, contemporary design, and high performance, all attributes we feel are important in a bike. 

Leomo Motion Analysis

Posture, pelvic stability and pedalling technique - are all important for cycling efficiency. At Pain Free Power we use Leomo sensors in original and innovative ways to help you improve upon these areas.