Insole Pressure Mapping

About Insole Pressure Mapping

We use gebioMized insole pressure mapping technology. This helps us to make informed decisions regarding cleat position, shoe and insole options. This service is an ideal add-on for those experiencing numbness or discomfort in the feet.

You are able to bring a selection of your own components to try during the appointment but we also have a large collection of shoes (Bont, Lake) and insoles (G8, Solestar, Superfeet) for you to test out.

All our insole mapping appointments include a comprehensive foot and shoe assessment.

We at PFF recommend the Insole Pressure Mapping if you:

  • Are experiencing pain or numbness in your feet
  • Appear to have a left / right asymmetry 
  • Are struggling to find the perfect insole-shoe combination

Insole Pressure Mapping is available as an additional service during our bike fitting sessions.