The  TF1-Designed for You

Step 1: Kú Cycle Fit

The rider position is 100 percent athlete centric and established by a Kú authorised fitter. During your initial session, one of our our team at Pain Free Power will use our fitting jig to determine your optimal riding position. 

Step 3: The Perfect Fit

Bike are built to order and assembled for each individual customer. Once your bike arrives we will see you back in the studio to fine-tune the position. Then you'll be ready to break records at your next race!

Step 2: Kú Rider Specific Frameset

Once this position has been established, one of our team will arrange a time to discuss your measurements with the bike designers at Kú and between them they will create your dream bike! The fitter’s prescription will balance the rider’s biomechanics, aero performance, weight distribution, bike handling skills and performance stability.

On a mission to design triathlon bikes and performance solutions that will change the sport forever. The perfect fit between body and machine.

TF1 Technology

One of the unique features of the TF1 triathlon bike is the fork. The fork is directly connected with the steerer box by means of external steerer pivots resulting in improved front-of-bike stiffness, more direct steering response and enhanced athlete performance. 

Latest News

We are very excited to welcome Alex Bok, CEO of Kú Cycle, to our studio in Stockholm on 21st May 2022. He will be giving a presentation entitled “Innovation through Co-Creation” which will focus upon the development of the TF1 technology and it's roots in Formula 1. 

Computatitional Fluid Dynamic Testing

The TF1 design showcases a striking aerodynamic high fork and head tube tucked between the rider’s arms, which literally opens up the entire front of the bike. This revolutionary design introduces three separate aero F-Ducts reducing drag around the rider.