Pushing the Limits

The all-new CADEX Tri frameset is a no-holds-barred triathlon machine—no restrictions, no limitations. It’s designed, engineered and put to the test by the world’s fastest triathletes in a bold quest to push the sport forward. It rewrites the rules. There’s nothing conventional about this bike.


From the outset, the ultimate goal of the CADEX Tri project was to produce a bike with uncompromised efficiency for real world Ironman racing. Making the frame super aero, light and stiff just for the lab wasn’t enough. It had to win where it counts: on the course.

Race Ready Integration

Nutrition, hydration and self-sufficiency are critical factors for any triathlete.  From the start of this project, race-ready storage was one of the key performance goals, and the end result is one of the primary factors that sets this bike apart from the competition.

Personalised Fit

One of the most fundamental performance factors of a triathlon bike is how it fits the athlete. There’s a reason that pro triathletes and their coaches go to great lengths to get this right—a perfect fit allows the rider to produce maximum power in the most aerodynamic position possible while remaining comfortable over long distances.

A primary objective of the CADEX Tri frameset was to make it easier for athletes of all heights and body dimensions to achieve a perfect fit.

It’s not just about height, leg length and body proportions. Athletes with similar body dimensions can have very different bike setups depending on variables such as flexibility, core strength and preferred race distance.