Qualisys 3D Motion Analysis

Having an accurate understanding of a cyclist’s movement patterns is crucial in optimising both equipment and performance. This is where our new Qualisys motion capture system comes in. The system offers high precision 3D analysis of the rider allowing us to provide what we believe to be the most accurate, comprehensive and scientifically-driven Bike Fit currently on the market.

How Qualisys works?

Reflective markers are placed on both the cyclist and the bike. These reflective markers are used to generate a 3D model of the cyclist with graphical representations of the cyclist’s pelvis, hip, knee and upper body rotation, as well as the movement patterns of the knee, ankle, toe and heel (see images below for some examples). These measurements can be compared over multiple trials which allows us to actually quantify how effective the changes (e.g., saddle height, reach to the handlebars) we are making really are. The software also allows us to compare the data to normative values so we can see which areas the cyclist needs to put in further work.

What makes Qualisys different from many other motion capture systems?

  • Qualisys focuses on the biomechanics (movement patterns) of the cyclist as opposed to the dimensions and performance of the bike itself.
  • Qualisys has unrivalled accuracy in recording accuracy, with marker location being picked up to within 0.11mm in 3D space at up to 650 frames per second.
  • Qualisys tracks both sides of the body simultaneously in 3D allowing assessment of rotational movements which is very important in determining stability and efficiency.
  • Qualisys allows for a comprehensive positional assessment that can be adapted dependent upon a cyclist’s need (e.g., makers can be placed on each vertebra of the spine to look at curvature, movement).
  • Qualisys produces a comprehensive post-fit report which allows comparisons and progress to be monitored across sessions.

Our thoughts

We thought it would be helpful for us to give you our initial thoughts on the system and explain why we have chosen to adopt this within our fit studio.

Iain - Managing Director and Lead Bike Fitter 

“Having utilised a Qualisys system during my MSc studies at Leeds Becket University I was very excited at the prospect of being able to bring such a powerful tool into our fitting practice. This will allow us to gain much better insights into the movements of our clients to allow us to work together with them to improve their cycling through a combination of positional adjustments, conditioning recommendations and cycling technique work. Even better, we will now be able to quantify improvements during subsequent appointments to 0.1mm accuracy in 3D space, really showing progressive improvements over time for our clients. This really will be next level and help us to give our clients the best information possible when making decisions on how to improve their riding comfort/performance.”

Alex - Marketing Director

“I was absolutely blown away the first time I saw the system in practice and it totally exceeded all of my expectations. I already felt like we had a good fit procedure in place but I think having Qualisys will really elevate that to the next level. The amount of data you get from the system is incredible. I was lucky enough to get to test out the system when Qualisys very kindly invited us for a visit to their base in Gothenburg. Although I’ve ridden for well over 10 years now it revealed things about my cycling that I’d never known before. I’m not an expert in Bike Fit (like Iain) but the graphical representations of the data and the ability to compare multiple test runs made it easy to understand; and it was all data driven and quantifiable which, as a cyclist, I obviously loved!”

Final Thoughts

Please get in touch if you would like to know any more about Qualisys and how we are planning to integrate this into our Bike Fits. We are very excited for what is to come! All our Bike Fits will move to using the Qualisys system from July 2021! Book now to be the first to experience what is promised to be a next level Bike Fit!

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