Chest mobility for cycling

Chest mobility is perhaps something that you would not immediately associate with cycling but it is very important when it comes to maintaining a good posture (scapular retraction) and ease of breathing. Below are three great stretches / exercises for improving this:

Pectoral myofascial release

Using a ball push into the muscles of the upper chest and under the armpit to alleviate tension. You should feel a slight discomfort but this should not be painful. Try using balls of varying size / hardness (e.g., tennis, lacrosse) to moderate the pressure. 

Pectoral doorframe stretch

Flexing your elbow to 90 degrees put your forearm against the doorway and push your chest / shoulder forwards on this side. Aim to keep your other shoulder and hips still whilst doing this and you should feel a stretch through the chest and upper arm. Experiment with different elbow angles to relieve areas of tightness. 

Shoulder overhead extensions

Keep your head, back, shoulders, elbows and hands against a wall. Begin with the elbows at 90 degrees or below before elevating the hands and elbows vertically to feel a stretch in your back and shoulders. This is a great one for those of you working at desks!

Final Thoughts

If you have any questions about any of these stretches or about how flexibility and mobility can impact upon your bike position please just get in touch!

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