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Make sure that your bike is ready for your next race, bikepacking adventure or Sunday social! 

Bike service packages

From February 2023 Cycling Factory will be offering bike servicing at our studio in Stockholm. There will be three levels of service: Bronze, Silver and Gold. You can book via our website or send us a message with a special request. 

Our story

Cycling Factory Sweden AB began as a bit of a hobby for its founder Alex Lind. Alex sought a bike that was not like “all other big brands”. He wanted something that felt special and more unique compared to the other bikes currently on the Swedish market - this led him to Factor bikes. 

Initially Alex presented his local cycling club (SUMO CC) with a once in a lifetime deal. Of course they could not refuse and not long later, Cycling Factory became an official dealer! The other brands Cycling Factory currently work with followed a similar trajectory. All are brands that Alex believes in and proudly stands behind. These include Nimbl & Quoc shoes, Scicon bags and glasses, and Duke wheels.

Factor is undoubtedly a premium bike brand and naturally customers expect the best possible experience will accompany their new bike. As such, Alex pursued the logical next step into mechanical work. He personally builds and checks all Factor bikes he sells to ensure they reach the customer in perfect condition. 

Alex also offers servicing for both Factor bikes and other brands. Not only does he provide the highest quality of care, he will also personally collect and return customers bikes directly to their home! 

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Our values

Cycling Factory’s core values are,

  • Great service
  • Premium products
  • Understanding and respecting our customers needs
  • Providing the best solution for YOU

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Alex Lind,
+46 704 941 679

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Cycling Factory - Alex Lind

Alex is the founder and owner of Cycling Factory Sweden AB. He has a background in motorcycles and raced at both a national and international level for many years. Although his passion for bikes (with pedals) started at an early age, it was not until his mid 30s, that his real interest and obsession with cycling began. This was ignited by a start in Cykelvasan, which then led to another start... This in turn resulted in a new bike, another new bike and then a road bike. Long story short, a lot more bikes and a whole lot of riding and racing. 

Some of Alex's best cycling memories are cycling with friends in the mountains of Spain (Palamos, Girona) and Mallorca. He enjoys, or rather loves coffee stops and home made pizza.