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Take your training and competition to the next level!

We are really excited to announce that from May 2023 Johan Lind from Friskvårdskollen will have a sports clinic one day a week at our studio in Kista, Stockholm!

Friskvårdskollen Philosophy

Whether you need quick help for an acute problem, long-term help against recurring sports injuries or if you want to take your training to the next level, we are confident that we can help you.

Our treatment philosophy is based on full mobility in all joints as a foundation. Then we can build on this with control and function, endurance, strength and sport-specific training.

Friskvårdskollen is a sports clinic that offers services in naprapathy, training and rehabilitation for everyone - exercisers and elite.


During a naprapat treatment, we first go through your medical history and you get to tell us the reason for your visit. An examination is then carried out with relevant tests, the results of which are the basis for a diagnosis.

The diagnosis is then the one that guides the choice of treatment, which can for example include mobilization and manipulation of joints, various forms of massage and muscle pressure as well as acupuncture with dry needling technique.

You can book 40 minutes or 60 minutes.

Massage/Sports Massage

A sports massage is often more powerful than a regular massage where the focus is on remedying a specific problem.

Several techniques are used here in soft tissue treatment and this is a good choice for those who wish to get rid of sore and stiff muscles, perhaps after a harder training session, or just want to have a proper run through of the body.

Our deep and effective treatment prevents injuries and accelerates healing processes, and is just as well suited as part of the recovery after a competition, as preparation for a competition.

You can book 40 minutes or 60 minutes.

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If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact us:

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