Performance Membership Package 

Are you wanting to take your performance to the next level? Then our performance membership could be for you! 

Next level coaching = Next level performance 

From September 2022 we will be launching our performance membership. This will be a holistic package that encompasses bike fitting,  aerdoynamics testing, coaching, strength & conditioning and bike servicing. Contact us to find out more. 

Club membership 

Inclusive with our performance membership is membership to the PFP Race Team. The Race Team is registered with the Swedish Triathlon Federation. 

Product discounts

You will also recieve discounts on all of our products including Aerocoach, Argon 18 etc. 

Premium Bike Fit

  • Bike Fit using our Qualisys 3D Motion Capture Software
  • Access to saddle and insole pressure mapping
  • IBFI Level 3 accredited bike fitter (the highest level of any fitter in Sweden
  • Twice yearly follow-up appointments to track progress 

Aerodynamics testing

  • Training sessions using a Bioracer Virtual Wind Tunnel to monitor frontal area
  • Outdoor aerotesting session to look at CdA in real-world conditions
  • Opportunity to test components (e.g., helmets) to improve aerodynamics
  • Assistance with race planning based upon results

Bike servicing

  • Twice yearly silver service  
  • 25% discount on comprehensive gold service 
  • Pre-race bike check ups
  • Discount on spare parts

Coaching plan

  • Individual training plan using TrainingPeaks structured around your personal goals
  • Heavy focus upon technique and skill acquisition 
  • Performance testing
  • Regular feedback from coach and adjustment of plan to reflect illness, unforeseen circumstances etc. 

Strength & conditioning

  • Pre-screening through Friskvardskollen
  • A strength & conditioning plan based on pre-screening
  • Plan is regularly updated to take into account improvements / changes in strength, flexibility and mobility

Don't miss out

The cost of a Performance Membership will ordinarily be 3500 SEK per month. However, the first 5 people to sign up for the Membership will recieve a discount of 10% for the first 12 months. So they will be recieving this comprehensive package for only 3150 SEK!