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At Pain Free Power we are lucky enough to have established a great network of partners / colloborators. Find out more about these below!

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Collaborators / Partners

FRISKVÅRDSKOLLEN - Your sports clinic

Friskvårdskollen is a sports clinic on Kungsholmen that offers services in naprapathy, training and rehabilitation for everyone - exerciser and elite.

Whether you need quick help for an acute problem, long-term help against recurring sports injuries or if you want to take your training to the next level, we are convinced that we can help you.

We do not believe that success is due to performing at the top once, but getting a little better every day.

Our philosophy

We believe that everyone wants to be able to perform at the top of their ability, regardless of goal, activity or ambition level.

But sometimes there are limitations in your body that hinder you in your exercise and that need to be treated.

Our treatment philosophy is based on movement, control and function, endurance, strength and sport-specific training, where our starting point is that there has to be full mobility in all joints before we can build on the next level.

We are a proud sponsor of Stockholm City Triathlon.

ARGON 18 - Creating the bikes of tomorrow!

Since its founding in 1989, Argon 18 has brought together a team of cycling aficionados and R&D specialists, all driven by the goal of offering the best possible cycling experience to racers and riders of all kinds. Today, we are united by this idea more than ever, and it shows. With bikes on the roads, tracks and trails of more than 70 countries worldwide — and sponsoring professional cycling teams and professional triathletes the world over — Argon 18 has become a benchmark in the international cycling community.

We’ve only just begun. Because at Argon 18, we continue to refine and redefine the art of cycling every single day. We’re always out there with our riders, riders of all calibre, finding out how we can improve their cycling experience. And how we can make our bikes lighter, faster, safer and more integrated for everyone. Because building better bikes isn’t just what we do. It’s who we are.

Our philosophy

"United by the idea that the greatest ride is yet to be built, and driven by the endless possibilities of technology, we create tomorrow's ride, today"

QUALISYS - World-leading 3D motion analysis software

Qualisys is a leading provider of precision motion capture and 3D positioning tracking systems. With a +30 years-long history of supplying a variety of industries with high-end camera systems and expertise. Indoor, outdoor, ground-to-air or underwater – no matter what condition, we have your solution.

Cycling module

Improve technique or optimize equipment – this is what cyclists, both professionals and amateurs, hope to accomplish. Qualisys offers the right tools, whether it is for research or to create your own Cycling analysis lab to help cyclists at all skill-levels improve their technique.

GEBIOMIZED - The brand for customized / individual cycling products

The company GeBioM is active in the field of biomechanics for more than ten years. Originating from the School of Sports Science of Münster University, GeBioM is a competent partner for sport scientific and orthopaedic problems. We incorporated our experiences in biomechanics in the development of our gebioMized products.

Tech and products 

Developer of both saddle and insole pressure mapping software, and also creator of the secret saddle club! The gebioMized saddle line has been developed following the analyses of more than 50,000 saddle pressure mappings with thousands and thousands of cyclists.

Other brands we work with:

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