Upcoming Events

It is very important for us at Pain Free Power to create a community around cycling and triathlon. As such, this season we will start to host more events including workouts, group rides and lectures. 

PFP Classic Tuesday Workout

Where: Zwift

When: Tuesday @ 18:00

Are you looking for some training inspiration and want to build some fitness heading into the Spring? Then join our PFP Classic Tuesday Workout from now until Spring

Check out our schedule for the next four weeks below:

Week 10

Session to aim at a variety of riding all within one session. The session will consist of 3 x 5m @ 100% with 6m recovery between, 5 x 1m @ 120% with 3m recovery between, and 10 x 15s @ 200% with 45s recovery between.

Week 11

Session aiming to help acclimatise to efforts around threshold. The session will consist of 3x sets of 15 minutes, slightly sub and supra threshold (95-103%).

Week 12

The session will consist of two blocks of three minutes at 120% with three minutes recovery at 85%. Repeating these three times with active recovery in between of 60% for 5 minutes. Over-Under intervals allow for build up of lactate concentrations and attempt to recover at moderate intensity.

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