New Adventures

From professional cyclist in Europe, to bike fitter in South Africa, to the newest member of the Pain Free Power team, Joshua shares his first experiences of Sweden!

New Country 

It's been a full month here in Sweden. I guess arriving in the middle of summer has made it a lot easier in terms of the weather and adjusting to the new surroundings.

It's been super exciting to work with so many new clients with such varied goals to what I was used to seeing in South Africa. I mean it seems a lot more normal here to start cycling and your first goal is a long distance event like Ironman or Vätternrundan (315km).

New Processes

Upping my game with regards to post-fit reports has been something I have really enjoyed. Being able to empower clients beyond their visit to the studio is something I have always wanted to do. With the guidance of the team at PFP I feel that I can really implement that now. I love the fact that every client is given something to go away and work on that will allow for further adjustments / improvements to their position to be made in future. This really means that every client's position is evolving within their personal goals which is so great!

New Challenges

Working with some new equipment has been an exciting challenge, encouraging me to do more with analysing positions dynamically rather than relying on angles and systems to confirm the adjustments being made. This has enabled me to start understanding some aspects of the bike fit process even better, for example the impact that saddle fore - aft has on muscle recruitment when pedalling. 

New Team

Having Iain just a room away when a second opinion is needed during an appointment or when I have a bike fit related question has made joining the PFP team very seamless. It has also allowed me to gain so much knowledge in such a little amount of time.

Final Thoughts

All in all it's been a challenging start but I am really excited for the future to evolve my thought processes and become a better bike fitter!

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