Who We Are


PFP Sweden

At PFP Sweden we had the dream of opening a Bike Fitting studio in Stockholm, with the sole aim of ensuring ensuring our clients can all cycle comfortably and efficiently. We wanted to ensure we kept this singular mission so that we could aim to provide the best bike fitting services possible.

We have been working in Bike Fitting since 2014, before opening our own studio in 2019. Over this time we have worked with many athletes with a range of goals, from complete beginners on their first bike, to those competing on the world stage. We also have studied extensively to help us understand the interaction of a cyclist and their bike as best as possible. This has involved undertaking many courses in Bike Fitting, as well as in the surrounding areas of Sport Science, Sports Therapy and Coaching. All of this combined to help our studio become accredited with the International Bike Fitting Institute at Level 3, the highest accreditation in Sweden.

As cyclists and triathletes ourselves, we understand what you are going through when you are having issues with your position. It was this interest in the first place that began us on our journey to where we are now. So if you are having any difficulties on the bike or just want to see if things could perhaps improve for you don't hesitate to get in touch.

Take a look at the range of services we offer.  Hope to see you soon.