Virtual Wind Tunnel

Virtual Wind Tunnel

Measuring your frontal surface area will give us real time information to determine your optimal aerodynamic profile.  Ride faster for the same power output or maintain your current speed with less watts.


Aero-testing is for anyone that wants to ride their bike faster. It's that simple!


Aero-testing allows us to determine an athletes optimal aerodynamic position. Some interesting statistics from Bioracers website: 

  • At a speed of 30km/h, the air resistance is already over 80% of your total resistance.
  • As the speed increases, the air resistance becomes even more important.
  • Bioracer Aero is the only tool available to train your aerodynamic position, by lowering your frontal area you can lower the air resistance by up to 20%.

These are basically free watts, as each and every rider can alter their position without a big cost. So just think of the benefits if you could maintain a better position for your whole race? Would you rather have to work to increase your FTP by 20W+, or just sit better on the bike...?



So once we have found your optimal position we need to work on maintaining it for as long as possible and that's where our positional coaching comes in. 

Our positional coaching will help you to improve your muscle memory and increase your capacity to produce maximal power while cycling in your aeroposition. 

The software provides you with livestream visual feedback on your current position compared to the optimal position, allowing us to continually monitor your performance.