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Having worked with over 1350 athletes we asked a few to give us their feedback. Hopefully this will help you in deciding which of our services will be the best for you. 

I found Iain personable and professional, the bike fit was extremely thorough and each part was explained well to me. 

The bit fit changed my position significantly giving me a much greater leg stroke. The results were

fantastic I can now produce more power for the same effort. - Triathlete


As bike riders we spend thousands of pounds on equipment without necessarily ensuring that our bodies are correctly fitted to get the very best out of our bikes! In the short time I have been riding the bike since the bike fit the benefits are impressive. It may well be the best money I have ever spent on cycling. Your enthusiasm and genuine interest in      bio-mechanic matters relating to cycling arising from your qualifications and experience as a racer made the whole bike fit experience enjoyable. A bike fit is essential for any cyclist! - Cyclist 

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the work you did on the bike fit and adjustments for the handle bars. I was only able to get out on it this morning as I have been away on business all week

and it is amazing, I have never felt so comfortable on a bike and the it just feels effortless to ride. - Cyclist 

Just a quick message to say a big thank you for the great bike fit. Having bought my bike very close to Ironman Lanzarote I wasn’t left with much time to actually go out and do any very long rides. Thanks to the great bike fit, right down to the saddle (which has been a nightmare in the past) I was able to get straight onto the bike and within 3 weeks race the Ironman.


Unlike previous years I didn’t get any backache during the whole ride which was amazing. Following on from the race I then had a several weeks of recovery before going on my Lands End to John O’Groats Ride. This was 920miles over 9 days. Again I didn’t get any back or saddle problems and probably more importantly no additional fatigue problems from a poor fit.


Unlike my previous bikes, I actually get on my Boardman and smile to myself as how comfortable it is and also how fast it is. Thank you again, the good bike fit made all the difference. It’s just a shame I left it for 30 years before having one. I would strongly advise anyone and everyone to have a bike fit. - Triathlon Coach 

I first saw Iain for a bike fit in 2016 when I was struggling with knee and neck pain. I was sceptical about how useful the bike fit would be but was very impressed with the thoroughness of the process and the resulting complete absence of pain when riding my bike. I recommended Iain to everyone I know and without exception all those that saw him were very impressed with the results. I recently saw Iain again and he quickly identified areas that have helped me ride more efficiently.  We are sorry to see Iain leave but Yorkshire''s loss is Stockholm's gain. - Cyclist

Must have been magic with what you did with my bike. 

Despite less training time in the saddle and my upper spine injury I managed to bike considerably faster than ever before in this year's half Ironman distance race in Vansbro. I've done this race for several years now - conditions have been good but similar on all occasions. My previous two best average speed has been 35 and 35,1 km/h - but this year it suddenly popped up to 36,6 km/h!!! I was so surprised! I can't think of else than the precision bike fit must have done it. Unbelievable! - Ironman Triathlete

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