Pressure Mapping

Pressure Mapping

Specially designed sensors record the amount of pressure applied across the surface area of contact on saddles and within shoes. This enables us to spot spikes that may be causing discomfort which are hard to identify otherwise.

We work closely with the supplier of this technology,

Gebiomized, who can use these pressure maps to create custom fit insoles or saddles to optimise the comfort and efficiency of each rider. 

"Iain fixed my pain and numbness and V├Ątternrundan was a joy because of Iain's knowledge and PFP." Markku, Avesta Kadens CC


Here at PFP Sweden we think that everyone can benefit from pressure mapping. Pressure mapping cannot only improve cycling comfort but also cycling efficiency. So if you are: 

  • uncomfortable on your saddle;
  • wanting to improve stability on the saddle to get better force efficiency;
  • experiencing numbness in your feet and toes;
  • or have a pedalling inbalance

Pressure mapping could be for you!


We are really proud to annouce that we are a member of the Secret Saddle Club! The Secret Saddle club is a unique network of the world's leading bike fitters. As part of the Secret Saddle Club we stock gebioMized saddles. The saddles are based upon over 15 years research and experience; and the analysis of over 50,000 gebioMized saddle pressure mappings.

We stock both the Sleak and Area Models. The Sleak is primarily aimed at male cyclists and the Area at female. Both models are available in two different shapes - V-shape and T-shape. 

For more information and to find out which is the best saddle for you contact us at


With our pressure mapping software we can also conduct a thorough analysis of your pedalling technique. This can help to identify if you have any pedalling inbalances; if your cleats are positioned correctly or if you would benefit from a pair of our custom insoles.