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        We’re approaching that time of year when the days are short and the cold. The time of sitting on the trainer indoors, dreaming of the sun coming back next year. But are you getting the most from these sessions, or could you be getting more gains prior to next season somehow?

        It is not unusual for people to switch bikes over winter, either going to spin classes, or using indoor trainers and winter bikes which can often be incorrectly set up relative to their summer bikes. Therefore the hours being ridden through the winter are not recruiting the muscles in the same way as will be done once they get back onto the summer bike. Even those with good intentions to set their bikes the same will have often made tweaks throughout the season for one reason or another that has not been transposed onto the winter trainer bike retrospectively. This results in getting all of the base miles ridden through winter in the wrong position and as such they are not as efficient as they should be. This can be especially challenging when trying to set up bikes in spin classes, but there are ways of making sure you are setting the bike up as best as you can and doing your best to replicate your position between sessions.

        However, before just transferring the exact position straight over summer bike, it’s worth considering whether the position on that is actually right for you? Now is the ideal time of year to make changes, allowing you to get used to any changes in the position prior to getting on the summer bike next year when the weather has come back. Helping you to feel natural and comfortable in this position, with no adjustment period.

        This is where we come in, with our range of Bike Fitting services, PFP can help to determine where your ideal riding position currently is and get your bikes set up to match this position. Further to this with the assessments we perform with you prior to the fit we can determine whether you have any limiting areas which could prohibit you reaching a more efficient riding position. We can then give you some ideas on areas to focus during the off season, hopefully allowing us to tweak the position in future as your limiting factors are reduced and give us a more performance without losing any of the comfort. Work off the bike can be just as important as the riding done on the bike in helping to improve performance, and with stretching and exercise we often see a marked improvement in riding. This can be a process that takes place over a period of months and even years so is best to start in the winter when any substantial changes that may be needed to the bikes have plenty of time to be adjusted to.

        Equally important is how you interact with your bikes. Using motion capture software, pressure mapping and our virtual wind tunnel we will take recordings during fitting sessions so that not only will we adjust the bike to suit you, but also talk you through your riding technique and how you are sat on the bike. This is often something that people have never seen before and can make big improvements through postural changes to both comfort and performance. Again winter is a great time of year for trying to make any changes to posture as more time is often spent indoors on static trainers which is an ideal place to work on this without the distractions of junctions, cars and potholes to take your mind off how you are sat.

        These things together give you some challenges to work on through the winter with both on the bike and off the bike work to do and can be really useful for motivation, knowing that what you are doing is really making a difference to next season, rather than just slogging away and  wondering if it’s all worth it.

        So to ensure you get the most out of your off-season we want to help. To make this even more attractive for you we are running a special fall promotion, giving 15% off on our Bike Fit and Bike Setup services booked this weekend! The appointment can be booked for any time throughout September/October/November, but the offer on making the booking just lasts these 3 days, so don’t miss out! If you want to take advantage of this offer but are unsure on which dates to book, our Bike Fit and Bike Setup gift cards are also available at this discounted rate, and can be used to book in for a time to suit you later in the year. To redeem these offers either input the voucher code below when booking on our online booking system, or the vouchers on our online store are reduced in price for this weekend only!


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        If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We look forward to seeing you and helping you reach your cycling potential. Team PFP Sweden.

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