Leomo Motion Analysis

The Leomo is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment we work with at Pain Free Power.

Amongst other things it can be used to look at your pedalling technique, posture and pelvic stability. It can also be used both in the studio and on the road - allowing us to really look at the sustainability and efficiency of your position!

Pedalling Technique

  • Analysing asymmetries between your right and left legs
  • Finding dead spots in your pedal stroke

We at PFP would recommend the Leomo if you want to improve your pedalling efficiency.


  • Looking at the degree of spinal flexion you have whilst riding
  • Seeing how well you can hold an aerodynamic position

We at PFP would recommend the Leomo if you are experiencing lower back pain and / or want to improve your aero position.

Pelvic Stability

  • The sustainability of your saddle position
  • The overall efficiency of your position on the bike

We at PFP would recommend the Leomo if you are experiencing pain in the knees, lower back or on the saddle itself.

Book Leomo Motion Analysis

Leomo Motion Analysis is available as an additional service during our bike fitting sessions.

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