Your Bike Fit

To make sure that you get the best Bike Fit possible we start  every appointment by getting to know you as a person and what your goals are - so we can tailor the experience to your needs!

Step 1

Initial Recordings

First we get some initial recordings. This lets us see how everything looks with the bike before we make any changes. It also allows us to go back and see the progress we have made, as well as discuss potential steps for making you a more efficient cyclist!

Step 2

Biomechanical Assesment

During the biomechanical assessment we look at your flexibility, stability and core strength. We use this information to set exercises for you to practise at home and to inform how we can optimise your position on the bike.

Step 3

On Bike Adjustments

Next we use what we have learnt from speaking to you and from the biomechanical assessment to start making changes to your bike. Recordings are taken throughout so we can keep track of the changes we have made and compare these to where we started.

Step 4

Detailed Session Report

Following your bike fit you will receive a report. This will include information regarding the changes that were made during the session, bike measurements, pre- and post-fit videos and recommended exercises.

Book your session

Appointments are available at a variety of times during both weekdays and weekends.

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